7 Best FREE Chatbot Plugins for WordPress 2022

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They are convenient because they can work tirelessly 24/7 and provide support to users at any time of day. Before we talk about the best WordPress chatbot for your site, let’s start from the beginning and introduce you to the world of chatbots. You’re in the right place if you’re unfamiliar with chatbots and how they can help you. And if they don’t find what they’re looking for, the chatbot can convert conversations into support tickets. Multiple chatbotsPlus, all chatbots are fully customizable with CSS, so they can be designed to be visually compatible with the rest of your website.

Is chatbot AI or automation?

A chatbot is a conversational application that aids in customer service, engagement, and support by replacing or augmenting human support agents with artificial intelligence (AI) and other automation technologies that can communicate with end-users via chat.

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Virtual Spirits Chatbot

If you’re interested in adding a chatbot to your site, the first step is choosing a platform on which to build it. Fortunately, there are several great options that integrate seamlessly with WordPress sites — and these nine are some of the best. Many of the capabilities on this list, like qualifying leads and directing visitors to site resources, and typically handled by customer service teams.

Which chatbot tool is best?

  1. Lobster by EBI.AI. EBI.AI have created their own advanced conversational AI platform that comes with a free trial.
  2. ProProfs Chat.
  3. Chatfuel.
  4. MobileMonkey.
  5. Aivo.
  6. ItsAlive.
  7. Imperson.
  8. Pandorabots.

If you don’t find this functionality, you’re likely signing up for a poor chatbot solution. You get to capture more information on your customers compared to any other digital support platform. It helps you get to know customers better and improve their experience with your brand. Since Facebook is far from the only social network out there, there are plugins that let you link up to other platforms too. Chaty is one of the best for WordPress users, always growing and offering plans for all budgets. Visitors can interact with you and your bots, whether they’re on Facebook or not.


MyAlice will help you to address your customer’s problems 24/7 efficiently. It will always assist you in automating your repetitive tasks and provide agent collaboration to make your customer support smooth and fast. Chatbot for WordPress offers to minimize your effort but maximize customer interaction by giving you access to its simple, versatile, and efficient chatbot widget.

Best Chatbot For WordPress

You’ll need WooCommerce installed too, so it can then give your system valuable tools and data. WordPress sites on a small budget have plenty of great chatbot plugins open to them. Collect.chat is a popular choice for its simple, versatile, and efficient software that anyone can use, whether they have coding skills or not. A good place to look for quality chatbots are professional solutions like Tidio.

Landbot Plugin

If you need a simple chatbot to collect lead information, this could be the solution for you. The simple questions in the image above are the kind of inquiries that keep agents from getting down to business with prospective buyers. By using chatbots to handle mundane customer information collection, real estate companies can more swiftly qualify leads and sell property. So long as you’re not building your own from scratch and equipping it with AI technology, chatbots can be more cost-effective than staffing a live chat. You simply invest in the tools, set up the scripts, and spend a bit of time adjusting them based on how visitors respond over time. If you get to the WordPress chatbot plugins page, you’ll find numerous plugins like the Tidio plugin, live chat plugins, and many others.

Best Chatbot For WordPress

ChatBot is a great tool for us because it lets us seamlessly forward users to our live support teams where needed. It is very beginner-friendly and requires zero coding knowledge while allowing you to have a full-featured chatbot on your website in a matter of minutes. It comes with a built-in drag-and-drop builder which allows you to customize all the aspects of the design of the chat easily. In the fast-paced and highly competitive online market, customer service is often the only thing that makes a true difference between the brands. If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll really enjoy the 24/7 WordPress website management and support services WP Buffs’ has to offer! Partner with the team that offers every aspect of premium WordPress support services.

Live Chat by Formilla

IBM Watson Assistant is IBM’s contribution to the AI chatbot lineup. It won’t take long to get your chatbot itself set up with the corresponding plugin. However, you should spend some time thinking about what purpose you want it to serve and how to craft a natural progression of dialogue around that. To customize your chatbot, you can create a bot name, specify the triggers, and choose the widget colors to match your website design.

Best Chatbot For WordPress

Moreover, the Smartsupp bot will be available 24/7 and henceforth will be answering frequently asked questions to your visitors. Also, it’ll automatically reach out to your customers, engaging them and helping them to make decisions on their purchases. Wondering what are the best WordPress chatbot plugins for 2022? Recommend products and services.Chatbots can be programmed to provide suggestions related to the user’s queries to help boost conversions. If you find monthly fees off-putting with live chat plugins, look no further than the Live Chat Unlimited. Simply add a new bot, write a scenario and specify the triggers.

Personalize the Browsing Experience

About 52% of businesses use chatbots to welcome website visitors . We hope this article helped you to find the best chatbot plugins for WordPress in 2022. If you’re using any of these plugins for your website, then please share your experience in the comment section below.

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Chatra also has a Facebook integration which makes it easy to connect with prospects on the popular social media platform. There are also advanced features such Best Chatbot For WordPress as exit-intent detection, triggered chats and typo correction that make Chatra a powerful solution. I bet you’ve seen such a message at least once in your life.

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Additional agents are added from $16.80 per month, which also enables unlimited concurrent chats and automatic messages. If, however, you want to upgrade, premium access starts at $14 per month. To respond to visitor messages, simply access the external Zopim Dashboard – if you want to access chats on the go, you can install a dedicated Android or iPhone app, too. The dashboard is crammed with vital metrics that let you review chat performances, track chat history, and learn about your visitors in real-time.